Is your business looking to grow its social credibility while gaining exposure across Australia through the heartbeat of local communities?


By partnering with Club Factory you can ensure your brand builds a deep connection that impacts every community and family.

"The need to drive better social outcomes within our communities is now! Club Factory enables community engagement, growth in participation and social impact. This is an opportunity to see the Australian private sector make a calculated and measurable investment into local communities."

MP Rob Stokes

CLUB FACTORY is signing a Major Sponsor now...

Club Factory is giving businesses the opportunity to gain unprecedented reach through local communities while amplifying their social credibility. This opportunity opens up a marketing potency that will drive meaningful relationships between consumers and businesses in delivering growth in all aspects.  


We know when partnering with programs the common component most people consider is its reach! Reach is summarised as “how many people does the activity reach." Another area that has exploded throughout Australia is social cred. My simple explanation for social cred is it either makes you look smart, or attractive, successful or honourable.


As an example, Instagram has largely become a platform for individuals to pursue Social Cred – most posts from individuals have an underlying motivation to illustrate that they are smart (sharing an opinion), attractive (needs no explanation), successful (sharing accomplishments) or honourable (look at the good I am doing).


Why partner with Club Factory:

The opportunity here is to grow meaningful connections and ownership of a program that creates change while enabling your brand to effectively grow its awareness and sales throughout Australia. How do we provide the right profile for you to connect with local communities while impacting significant change from the State and Federal Government?


Club Factory provides Clubs with an opportunity to connect with their local community clubs. What do all local community clubs have, that all businesses are looking for?  PEOPLE!


Meaningful Impact:

Club Factory exists to further and foster the good in our communities. It’s a program that is anchored in the belief that strong, healthy, well-run sporting clubs mean more engaged, sound, flourishing and happy communities.

The impact and potential of Club Factory far exceed the very tangible and measurable aspects of the program. As we strengthen our clubs at every level and angle, we become a magnet for success and a pillar of strength for our community and beyond.



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Partnering with Club Factory is a unique opportunity that will enable and nurture diversity across multiple sports, spanning multicultural audiences, truly diverse environments and sectors.


This kind of reach and branding potential is a marketer’s dream and a powerful tool for any business that wants to gain greater traction and influence by thinking outside the square.

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