What it takes to be an effective SECRETARY...

“Our vision is to enable Community Clubs across Australia to grow their presence and engagement and run professional, well-organised clubs that deliver a high-quality product. Through the implementation of the Club Factory program, Clubs will see growth in participation, experience greater community impact, attract broader sponsorship opportunities and generate more funds which ultimately enables the Clubs to grow.”

Luke Holmes, Cool Hand Factory Co-Founder


To be an effective Secretary, you'll need to:

Communicate effectively

Think clearly

Maintain confidentiality on relevant matters

Manage and supervise others (in relation to secretarial duties)

Represent the club at local and regional levels: for example, a meeting called by your league or council.

Organise and delegate tasks

Have attention to detail

Appreciate a sense of urgency

To do that well, as Secretary you will need to:

Handle inward and outward correspondence (including registrations and clearances)

Prepare for meetings

Maintain club records 

Maintain membership records

Ensure that appropriate administrative support is provided to the President, General Committee and sub-committees

Provide support to the Executive and Committee members to ensure the efficient operation of the Club

Other available information:

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