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Perfect Partners

Author - Luke Holmes

An old African Proverb “If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together. “

If there’s one thing I know, it's that good partnership are an essential part of a club’s success. Chosen well they can be a powerful force.

I believe there’s a bit of science in what makes a good partnership and I certainly believe that good partnerships, with wise stewardship, effective communication and common goals are some of the keys to ensuring growth for both parties.

What Engages a Partner?

With our local community clubs, we have something that all businesses are looking for… “PEOPLE”.

And not just average people, but people who are committed and emotionally connected to something that is bigger than themselves. Our task is to grow this base, enhance our community impact and invest into what we do and how well we do it. (We can cover this another time) but this is a key platform in building a cohort of connected partners within your own eco-system.

Thinking Outside the Square

One of the biggest prohibitors is that we get lost in doing what we’ve always done. Branding on a jersey, a sign around the field, logo on a newsletter; all which can still be great and powerful but not necessarily what a business needs or what will make the partnership purposeful.

Businesses are continually diversifying by changing the way they promote, advertise, engage local community, build relationship with their targeted consumer all while operating more efficiently.

Looking outside the square while leveraging and utilising new opportunities will ensure we personalise each commitment while growing our reach and expanding our message to a new targeted audience. We need to be continually asking ourselves, how do we get our people in-store or to our venue? How do we create connection and relationship between a community and a business? What assets can we leverage off that create cross-pollination and strengthen both brands? How do we become more efficient and effective using the limited manpower we have?

Creating Atmosphere Amongst Local Business

By enabling our crowd and connecting with local business, we create atmosphere, we build a following and feeling of community amongst partners. Connecting a group of local businesses together is powerful in fostering growth, networking opportunities and identity to their local consumers. The role of Clubs is imperative for this; they are the stickiness. The partnership is now more than just branding but a part of their identity and who they are amongst their community.

Meaningful Partnerships Count

My most meaningful partnership would be the one with my wife. I married someone incredibly confident and capable, strong and focussed, with fierce leadership skills and a very crisp vision of exactly what she wanted out of life. Sounds pretty awesome, but in all honesty, it can present a stack of challenges that are certainly not insurmountable but definitely require patience and wisdom to navigate well.

I knew from the beginning that our partnership was a special one, but it didn’t negate the existence of battles or challenges. Her independence was often painful, and her open communication was at times deafening. HOWEVER… It was these traits that complimented some of my short fallings and sharpened and shaped me into what and who I am today.

I say all of this to paint the picture that good partnerships are worth fighting for and the right partnerships harnessed well, can foster and further the good in others and in this case, me.

Sports is the same.

I’ve seen teams come undone through the acquisition of talented players who simply couldn’t fit into the culture. I’ve seen clubs fail because they’ve sold themselves out to sponsors who wanted more back then they deserved. I’ve witnessed as a player, third party deals from partners be nothing but a hoax and threaten the existence of the entire organisation.

Partnerships are powerful.

They can make or break you. Whether you’re recruiting a coach, a player, an administrator or on-boarding a sponsor, it’s imperative you find someone with the same values.

You can’t force people to agree with you all the time (and at the end of the day, why would anyone want that?) but if you’re driven by the same value system, if you’re on the same page with the big picture and if you’ve bought into the partnership, it’s amazing what brilliance you can create and what success you can drive.

Partnering with organisations who ‘get it’, who are there through thick and thin, who don’t bail when things get tough and who are committed to being part of the solution, they’re the people you want on your team.

Henry Ford said, “coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together for a common goal is success”.

Can you turn your partnerships into this?

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