Having an aspiration matters

Aspiration: noun, A hope or ambition of achieving something.

There are 2 key reasons why people/clubs/businesses don't set Aspirations:

  1. Having a defined Aspiration also means you have now defined what failure looks like and that can be scary.

  2. Without a defined Aspiration, you can relax a little. Just drift along completing tasks etc. in whatever order you want without any internal pressure to be delivering towards your Aspiration, that should be even scarier (but for some reason it isn’t).

As a result, I catch myself allocating time to something (either by choice or by coercion) that I haven't set an Aspiration for. When I do that, the truth is, I am at a very high risk of wasting that time and/or other vital resources.

Here's why defined Aspirations are so important:

Knowing where you are going is the most critical task in determining a journey (closely followed by knowing where you are). It is tempting just to get in, start travelling and work it out as you go, but unless you are retired or a gap year student travelling across Europe or the States, you run the genuine risk that you will:

  • Not make it

  • Run out of fuel

  • Get lost

  • Think you have made it when you haven't

  • Drive around in circles

Having an Aspiration actually attracts others. It will attract some who want to detract and ridicule your audacity at wanting to achieve something. Still, most importantly, it will attract others that want the same Aspiration and who are willing to contribute to reaching that Aspiration.

And having an Aspiration allows you to prioritise every task and resource in an order that supports the Aspiration. No longer weighed down by what appear meaningless administrative tasks, you are now creating momentum towards your Aspiration.

I started a company called Naked Wines Australia, you should check it out, it truly revolutionised the Australian Wine Industry. I had seen so many online wine start-up’s fail, despite having much smarter and capable people behind them. One of the key reasons Naked Wines Australia succeeded was that we had set ourselves a clear Aspiration and then obsessed about meeting it. So many people mocked the Aspiration! But the people involved in Naked Wines… the staff, the producers, the supplies and the customers all believed and bought into it what we were trying to achieve. The result… we not only survived, we thrived!

The first thing we do when we work with a Club is to understand the Aspiration of the Club. We put a time stamp on that Aspiration, and we start working towards it with the Club. This gives the Club:

  • A destination that everyone can get behind (Objective Map)

  • Directions on how to get there and the order of each of the turns or decisions on the way (Key Deliverables)

  • Something that can attract more help (volunteers) by giving an outcome together that all can be excited by and providing specific tasks that contribute to success. (Roles and Deliverables)

All of which translates to more efficient meetings and progression towards your Club's full potential.

And that's just the beginning...


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