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Current Governing Bodies using Club Factory:

Club Factory has been built to empower governing bodies to drive long-term sustainability and growth within their sport.

With a passion to resource and provide operational excellence for community clubs, “Club Factory” was birthed. Our belief is that if we can strengthen the foundations of a Club, everything else above can grow and flourish.


We work with governing bodies to define their strategic plans, gathering crucial information and analysis to expose the gaps and challenges and then work with them to design and deliver sustainable practices to ensure growth and development in their clubs.


In essence, “Club Factory” is an operational version of what NAB is doing with Aus Kick. Where we think our program's edge is, is in the execution component where we genuinely help drive the change and development from an operational and governance perspective rather than just ‘on the field’ development. Every principal and practice within the Club Factory program is anchored in the ambition to set clubs up to do “their own fishing” rather than relying on being fed by someone else through the need for funding.


This allows clubs to sustainably serve both their local community and also their sport. We achieve this by providing modern entrepreneurial business principles tailored to each individual club that clearly articulates the purpose of the club and Structure required to meet and live that purpose.

Invest today into resourcing the operations of your local clubs so they can establish their footprint and build a strong sustainable future.

How it works:


1. Governing body signs up.

2. The first step of Club Factory is the Digital Strategic Assessment. The responses to this assessment enable Cool Hand to construct a database consolidating key information on each Club and the Governing Body. The Digital Strategic Assessment asks key questions regarding governance, finance, strategic planning, equality, diversity, branding, marketing, digital platforms and presence, sponsorship, event planning, community engagement, club & structures, recruitment and planning, gear and apparel, membership, online payments.

Based on the club’s responses, each Club will receive a face-to-face meeting and a Strategic Assessment Report. The report will provide a snapshot of their health and readiness to execute and implement the areas at risk within the Club’s Organisation by adopting the appropriate package. The face-to-face will enable the team to work through the key areas and develop and pathway for success for the club and governing body to reach.


The governing body will receive a complete summary report. The “governing body report” captures areas such as risk and solutions for the competition, breakdown of each club, Club feedback and solutions, delivery of program across competitions, implementation plan and feedback around alignment of clubs into governing bodies' strategic plan/vision. The governing body will be given the opportunity to customize the program and reporting to reflect and cover key objectives.

Once the Governing body has agreed upon the areas needing assistance, the required components of the Club Factory program is implemented with the assistance of experts in their fields that work for our Agency (I.e. operations, finance, marketing, visual communication experts...).


Club Factory is the start of the re-invigoration of community clubs (Juniors, Village, Women’s, Seniors etc) and is an extraordinary opportunity for governing bodies to ensure the values and vision for the organsitaion/Clubs are given a real relevance while providing the tools to grow. The opportunity also allows the governing body or club to invest in something where there is true collaboration and transparency to achieve its goals. It is measurable while being able to see the true investment results lived out by the club.

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